Memory Loss Unit

Memory Disorders: Dementias

Frequently, with age, memory problems present themselves as difficulties in finding words and remembering names that actually correspond to "benign forgetfulness", which do not develop into severe memory deficits. Some people may not present this difficulty. But others could develop important memory disorders that could correspond to different causes such as disease or Alzheimer's Dementia. 

Dementias are characterized by the progressive loss of superior functions, among which the deterioration of memory stands out, but it is not the only cognitive function that can deteriorate. Alzheimer's disease is the most frequent dementia and occurs frequently after age 65, generating progressive functional impairment.


Today there are therapeutic resources that allow an early diagnosis (Neurocognitive Assessment, Brain SPECT, among others) and an early intervention through neurocognitive assesments  (Neurocognitive Rehabilitation), pharmacological and assistance approaches that have been shown to delay the deterioration process.

Source: Presenter Media