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Case Presentation:
"Cerebral SPECT and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in Psychiatry"

Katherine Quino, nuclear physician, representing the Institute of Neurosciences Applied to Images - INA Scan, in the Congress of the Latin American Association of Societies of Biology and Nuclear Medicine; in the framework of the presentation of a pre and post Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (EMT) case study with Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT).

"ADHD in adults and the impact on their family"

Conference held by Alberto Fernández Arana, MD on October 25, 2019 at the III Conference of the National Institute of Mental Health: Family, health and disease.

"Contribution of Neurosciences in preschool learning"

Talk by Edgardo Llerena Henzler, LCPsy on Friday, September 6, 2019 at the Auditorium of the San Ignacio de Recalde School in the framework of training activities for teachers of Coloring Dreams - SIR.


"Unconventional target molecules for the treatment of refractory depression"

Conference held by Dr. Alberto Fernández Arana on Thursday, July 4, 2019 at the Asturias Auditorium of the Business Tower Hotel.


I Training Day:
"Neurosciences of Happiness: secure attachment as a determining factor" on May 10 and 11, 2019

Leopoldo Caravedo Molinari, LCPsy (Perú)
Elizabeth Kreimer Cantor, PhD (Perú)
Alberto Fernández Arana, MD (Perú)
Juan Carlos Martínez Aguayo, MD (Chile)
Pedro Morales Paiva, MD (Perú)
María Raguz Zavala, PhD (Perú)
Eduardo Gastelumendi Dargent, MD (Perú)

This event was dedicated to review and discuss neurobiological, psychological, anthropological and social issues of the characteristics of safe and dysfunctional attachments, and their consequences in adolescence and early adulthood. The objective of this Conference was to debate how early adverse events could contribute in adulthood to the presentation of personality, affect and cognition disorders. We also wanted to establish the importance of epigenetic factors as determining elements that explain the epidemic figures of feminicides, child abuse and distortions of political power through psychopathic behaviors. All this based fundamentally on an insecure attachment.


"Association between parenting and mental health problems: an evidence-based approach"

Talk by Alberto Fernandez Arana, MD and Edgardo Llerena Henzler, LCPsy on Tuesday, April 30, 2019 at the Auditorium of Franklin Delano Roosevelt School in the framework of parent workshops organized by the educational institution.

"Psychopharmacological approach of the patient with suicidal behavior"

Conference held by Dr. Alberto Fernández Arana on Friday, March 22, 2019 at the Auditorium of the School of Nursing Father Luis Tezza in the framework of the XVI Scientific Conference "Humberto Rotondo" with the theme "Suicide: the act under pain ".

Institution recognized for its excellence in the training of Clinical Psychologists and Psychiatrists

Internship in Clinical Psychology

The internship in Clinical Psychology is defined as a supervised pre-professional practice experience in a mental health care center approved by the Faculty of Psychology of the university of origin and is conceptualized as an academic-clinical-professional experience. The internship is an academic requirement that primarily seeks to train clinical psychologists so that they can carry out the exercise of their professional practice with rigor, commitment and concordance with the ethical requirements that their level of training demands.

The pre-professional exercise of Psychology students must cover a variety of roles and scenarios where they are able to understand and address the suffering of each patient who visits them, whether at a personal, family or group level. The training process includes experiences of interviews, evaluation, intervention and supervision. In addition, this process allows the integration of clinical skills with theoretical training to carry out the conceptualization of cases and the evaluation of therapeutic processes under their responsibility, so participation in academic activities is of the utmost importance.


Universities that have accessed this service:

Rotation specialized in Clinical Psychiatry

External rotation is aimed at medical residents of Clinical Psychiatry. It is defined as a supervised professional practice experience, within the framework of the resident, in a mental health care center and is conceptualized as a clinical and professional experience. The rotation in the INA is optional for residents of Psychiatry who wish to learn about Neurosciences and Neurophysiology.


Universities that have accessed this service:

Course of Neurobiological Basis of Psychiatry 2011-2018

Manuel Ortega Sánchez, MD (Venezuela)


Anxiety Disorders Update


Insomnia Update


Pharmacological treatment of Anxiety Disorders.

Fernando Ivanovic-Zuvic Ramírez, MD (Chile)


Epilepsy and Psychosis


Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder

Jorge Téllez Montes, MD (Colombia)


Depression VS Dementia

Mariano Motuca, MD (Argentina)


Psychopathology and its importance in Psychiatry versus Neurosciences

Dario Gigena Parker, MD (Argentina)


Management of Comorbidity with Chronic Mental Disorders in Alcoholic Patients

Juan Carlos Martínez Aguayo, MD (Chile)


Bipolar Disorder in Children


Suicide Neurobiology

Víctor Martel Gámez, MD (México)


Global vision of Schizophrenia

Julio Sanjuan, MD

Brain Evolution and Psychopathology

Manuel Cuesta Zorita, MD (España)


Cognition in Schizophrenia and atypical antipsychotics

Cástulo Cisneros Rivera, MD


Adult Suicide

Enrique Jadresic Marinovic, MD (Chile)


Social Anxiety Disorder

Omar Kawas Valle, MD (México)


Bipolar Disorder Neurobiology

Hernán Silva Ibarra, MD (Chile)


Schizophrenia Neurobiology

Manuel Vilapriño Duprat, MD


Public Policies in Mental Health

César Sánchez Bello, MD 

Pathological Game and Behavioral Addictions

Claudio Cabrejos, MD

Contributions of the DSM V to psychiatric activity

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